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Our Services

All of our therapists provide the following services:

  1. Assessment

  2. Consultation

  3. Therapy

  4. Clinical reports

  5. Parent Coaching 

We focus on what we do best: languageliteracy and speech supports for all children, with a special interest and passion for supporting autistic, ADHD and children with learning disabilities.


We are dedicated to ongoing professional development in the areas of: written language (reading/writing), oral language development (including spoken language and AAC), and total communication skills. We listen to the firsthand experiences of autistic adults and clinicians to help guide our practice and values with this population of children.

Clinical Areas of Focus

Colorful Alphabets

Structured Literacy Intervention

Your child might benefit from structured literacy intervention if they have a diagnosis of Dyslexia and/or demonstrate difficulty with any of the following:

  • language-based academics

  • identifying letter sounds

  • sounding out words

  • understanding what they are reading or what is read to them

  • spelling and/or getting their thoughts onto paper

  • editing, organizing and adding detail to their written work

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Communication and Language

Your child might be autistic or neurotypical and need support with one or a variety the following skills:

  • communicating for a variety of purposes

  • understanding spoken and/or written language

  • advocating for their needs, preferences and interests

  • building relationships, sharing their interests and connecting through play

  • expanding their grammar and sentence use

  • communicating with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)

Gestalt Language Processing

Your child might:

  • communicate mostly with phrases they have heard others say before 

  • communicate with songs, by reciting parts or whole episodes from their favourite character or media source 

  • be able to read more complex language than they can express or understand

  • babble or recite unintelligible strings of language with a rich intonation

Child watching cartoons

Parent Coaching

You might be seeking consultation and support around any of the following:

  • feeling confident engaging with your child through play

  • communicating successfully with your child

  • using and/or programming your child's AAC device at home

  • advocating for your child's communication or literacy needs in their school setting

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